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Apply For An Annual Membership Listing
Expecting & Promoting Quality, and Reliability

This is a membership site, and is not a site for you if:
a.)  You are a brand new business with less than one year experience.
b.)  You are looking for free exposure. 
Quality comes at a price.

Membership Requirements

Note:  We reserve the right to refuse service to any business for any reason.

1. All businesses must be in business for at least 1 year (minimum).

2. You will not be considered if your business shares office space with several other businesses.

3. You will not be considered if you refer other vendors on your web site that are on our list of vendors with negative business/client relationships.

4. Members are expected to carry the proper licensing and insurance as pertaining to their type of service.

5. Wedding Venues must have the proper licensing, insurance and permits, especially if in a residential area.

6. We promote businesses who understand the value of the web, therefore, you must have a business web site. (example:

7Your business web site must meet the following criteria:
a.) Your web site must be easy to use, or navigate.  Visitors should find it easy to get information.
b.) Your web site must not be under construction, or your application will not be considered.
c.) Your web site should be visually appealing.  (it should not look thrown together, too busy, etc.) 
d.) You must have samples or examples of your work, or product for visitors to view on your site,
(we will look at these ourselves).

If you do not have a web site
please contact us about getting one here.

8. You must have a place other than your home in which you conduct business consultations with potential clients. Please provide the address to your business office, location, etc.

9. You must agree to abide by the FresnoWeddings.Net online anti-spam policy, and abide by the highest standards of professionalism in a effort to provide quality products and/or services to all clients to the best of your ability and to the client's satisfaction.  You also agree to make the best effort to be cooperative with all fellow wedding professionals under all circumstances, displaying the utmost in professionalism.

10. REQUIRED: You must provide at least 1 professional reference, and 1 past client reference for us to contact.  We will only contact them if you meet all the requirements listed above.

Your membership fee payments are proof of
acceptance of the above & all terms and requirements
, and therefore all payments are non-refundable.  All application submissions are kept on file once accepted.

Fee information will be provided after submission via an auto-response email message.  Thank you.
If you do not receive this auto-reply message from us, feel free to email us at,
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