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You're the blushing bride. Get ready for the day! Look fresh!
Beautiful! Say "I do" to boo-hoo proof lashes! Flawless complexions.
Honeymoon-shiny lips... Groom it up - with Juicy Cosmetics.

Dual Finish Powder Foundation
Be flawless throughout the day... Creates a natural matte,
powder-perfect finish   Light diffusing. Glides on. Keeps skin looking
and feeling fresh. Comes in a ready-to-go-compact. Pack with your

Secret Weapon Concealer
Covers up and conceals. Colour corrects, too! Available in a range of
shades and tints. Comes in a handy pot: for what you want, where you
need it. Ultra-sheer, invisible on. To shoo-away shadows from under the
eyes, try Undercover.

Pressed Powder
Your sheerest veil! Micro-fine, sheer and silky. Goes on lightly, fades
out lines, evens the complexion, goes on invisibly - no powder traces!
Makes the skin look next to naked.

Water Resistant Splashproof Lash! Thickens, lengthens, defines... From
bridal showers to wedding-day boo-hoos, completely splashproof: won't
run - ever!

Brow Groomer
This is the best groom for your brows! Totally clear: adds a
colour-free sophisto-shine. Tames, grooms and slicks the brows...
(Works on his brows, too!)

Juicy Super Shine Lip Gloss
A honeymoon for the lips! Provides a high gloss, glass-like finish or a
subtle sheen to the lips. Wear over your favorite color, or on its own.
Naked or not, makes the lips irresistible!   by: www.juicy-cosmetics.com
Extreme Volume Flexicoat Maximizing Mascara - Waterproof
Ultra Color Rich Renewable Lipstick - Satin
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