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The Perfect Gift - A Honeymoon!
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Thank you to the whole staff for being so helpful with our honeymoon registry. Our guests all said how great our wedding website was and how easy it was to use the registry. Our honeymoon was everything we wished for.
Tara & Jason Harris
Using the honeymoon registry made our honeymoon more incredible than we ever imagined. Instead of presents we didn't want, we got to have a romantic honeymoon.
Amy & Eric Marshall
What is this Honeymoon Bridal Registry about?
We give Wedding couples a way to register their entire honeymoon online.  It works just like a Gift registry - your Bride and Groom wanted to have parts of their honeymoon experience as a wedding gift. Instead of buying them a crock-pot, you can choose a 'Sunset Cruise' or instead of a toaster oven, you can give them part of their 'All Inclusive Trip'. The wedding couple has listed their 'Honeymoon Wishes' and costs of each experience for their friends and family to purchase as a wedding gift.

Why should we give something from this registry?
The wedding couple has decided to use this registry so that they can pre-plan what they will be able to do on their honeymoon. They have chosen to use the registry so that they know ahead of time how much they can spend on their trip and contact the organizers to book the things they would like to do. It is important to them to be able to book that Hot Air Balloon Ride or upgrade to their dream honeymoon suite before they leave.

Will I be able to send the Wedding Couple a gift card?
Yes, after your purchase, you will be able to customize a gift card that can be sent to the Bride and Groom.

Why not just give them money at the wedding?
Getting envelopes of checks the day before they leave for their honeymoon won't allow them to pre-plan anything for their trip. They probably won't even have time to deposit the checks before they leave. Our services allow the bride and groom to pre-book what activities they will be able to do on their honeymoon and have an accurate accounting of all gifts received. This service allows you to give something that the bride and groom really want and will cherish forever - Be remembered for taking this time to pick a personalized experience!  - 
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