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How your product purchases through Fresno Weddings.Net will help sick children.
Fresno Weddings.Net offers various products and services through our affiliates to our valuable web site visitors like you.  Our affiliates can easily be identified from our HOME PAGE when you see a link this color (burgundy).   Our affiliates are also most of the links on our HOME PAGE that are located on the right hand side of the page.   They are also most of the banners and links listed in the middle of the HOME PAGE.  When you make a purchase through one of our affiliates, our affiliates will pay Fresno Weddings.Net a commission of all sales.  This commission varies from affiliate to affiliate, however we have carefully chosen each affiliate.  Fresno Weddings.Net will cheerfully donate all 100% of our commissions rewarded to us as a result of your purchases,  to the Charities located below with a link to their site.  Please consider making purchases through our trusted affiliates.   Thank you.
Valley Children's Hospital St. Jude Hospital For Children
Thank you for making purchases through our affiliates.
Please Note: There is often a waiting period for commissions to be processed.
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The United Way