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"You're buying a memory that will last forever.  Everyone remembers the birds.  The symbolism is special."  (Ken Larrey) Email Me
We Can Provide Doves For Any Special Event.  We Offer Different Packages As Shown Below.  Call Today For Pricing Information.
1 or 2 Birds  (Call For Pricing Info)
1 Box (12-15) Birds
2 Boxes (28-32) Birds
1 Box & 1 or 2 Birds
2 Boxes & 2 Birds
A Dove For Photo With Wedding Rings
See Photo (Click here)
We are able to create any number of birds for a special occasion, memory or celebration.  We encourage you to be creative.

NOTE:  We are committed to the humane treatment of our feathered friends.  We do not release birds at night or in inclement weather.  We maintain our White Rock Doves in excellent health and condition.
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