Free Link Exchange
If you wish to exchange textual web site links with FresnoWeddings.Net, you must fit the following New criteria:

We appreciate your interest, however please do not request a link exchange unless all of the following applies to your site, even if you have a decent PR of 4 or higher.  We consider other aspects including and beyond PR.  Thank you.

1.)  You must have an Alexa Traffic Ranking of at least 600,000 or lower
(not higher)
2.)  Your site must not contain content, or links to anything we consider "objectionable".
3.)  Your site must be
relevant to wedding, party supply, travel, or gift related with a Page Rank of no lower than 5 (see PR tool)
4.)  Although you don't have to win a beauty contest, your site should be
visually pleasing & easy to navigate.
5.)  If you are the one requesting the link exchange, please add our link first before asking.  See code below.

<a href="" Target="_blank"><b>California Weddings</b></a> - California wedding planning made easy.  Free guide that helps you find a California wedding photographer, DJ, banquet hall, florist and more.
Once we have found our textual link on your site, your link will then be added to our links directory.  For a faster response
send us an email including our link location on your site.  Please be patient, we will add links as soon as possible.

Thank you!  for your interest in partnering with us.