WIN THIS DRESS! Drawing ends March 31, 2023
Official Rules - Read Carefully.
All rules must apply in order for you to be an accepted participant.

1.  You must be getting married in Central California to be a participant.
2.  Contest Ends March 31, 2023
3.  You must submit a valid email address (if not valid, your entry is void) we do     
        not sell or share your email address.

4.  You must include your first and last name with your submission.
5.  You must include a valid Central California mailing address (no P.O. Boxes)
6.  You must agree to the terms of this contest as stated on this web page,
      and understand that your submission as a participant is proof of your
See Terms Of Agreement Below.
7.)  When a winner is chosen, the winner must present legal identification for verification purposes in order to claim the prize.

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Your participation by submission in this contest is proof that you agree to the following:
You understand that the act of participation alone does not entitle you or anyone you know to anything other than an equal opportunity as a Central California bride to become our winner.  You understand that if you are the winner, the ordering process for this particular gown may take up to 3 or 4 months for delivery.  It is understood that you are responsible for calculating the timing of your wedding date and it's timing in relation to the end date
of this contest, and all ordering and delivery times associated with the ordering of the dress.  Elegant Bride, and their associates cannot be held responsible
for faulty planning on the winner's part, or scheduling errors in relation to winner's wedding date, and the readiness of this wedding dress.  If you choose to participate, it is your sole responsibility to calculate the time frame from the contest end date, the date the winner (if you) has been notified, to the time of the winner's wedding date, to determine whether or not you (if winner) can realistically wait for proper wedding dress ordering proceedure and normal delivery time frame.