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Saving Money Does Not Have To Mean Skimping On Quality:

Don't hire a newby vendor to the wedding industry to save money.  Often their low pricing gives their inexperienced state away.  You might get exactly what you paid for and then some along with some bad memories. 
Instead stick to hiring tried and true wedding professionals for your special day.  Below are some helpful tips to save some money here and there, without cheapening your wedding experience.

1.) Select A Not So Popular Date For Your Event:
Consider a Friday night, Sunday brunch, or a mid-week day evening event.  These
"off" days for your wedding and reception can turn into a lot of save money for you.  Many wedding professionals will offer you specially priced packages for these "off" day weddings.

2.) Consider A Not So Common Month.
January through March weddings can save you some money. During these months, many vendors have more open dates to fill, and therefore are more willing, and sometimes eager to get your business.  You simply need to find a nice
indoor wedding venue to have the event.

3.) Select A Wedding Venue That Includes Everything, or at least most of what you need.
Many people are convinced that having a backyard wedding, or renting empty hall space is a great money saver.  When all is said and done however, the costs of rentals such as tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware, etc. can really ad up.  Select a venue that offers a location for both your ceremony, and your reception. 
Many locations do offer both ceremony locations, and reception areas, but sometimes you may have to ask if they do.  Also, many such venues will include all linens, tables, chairs, and dinnerware in their packaged rental fees.  It's worth asking a few questions, and you may get a much nicer location as a result.  Remember if the venue is pretty to start with, you'll also save on decorations as well.

5.) Buffets are not necessarily less expensive.
Buffets do have their pros and cons.  While taking the buffet route may require less
catering staff to pay for, it is often more difficult to control the food portions, and thus often turns into more food being prepared, which of course means you have to pay for more food.  Depending on the time of day you will have your reception, you can have full-service, yet at a more predictable price. 
For example, earlier in the day, you can do a sit down brunch, consisting of breakfast type foods.  These foods can be finger foods, or easily prepared foods including eggs, ham, etc., which are not terribly expensive even if prepared by a top-end caterer
For a more elegant seated dinner, consider offering your guests what can appear to be a four course meal:
1. A simple appetizer.
2. Salad which is very inexpensive.
3. An Entree'. (chicken is most affordable)
4. And of course wedding cake for dessert.

7.) Double Use Wedding Flowers.
Silk flowers are not necessarily cheaper.  The cost does add up, and due to the increase in quality, silk has become quite expensive. 
Work with an experienced florist, and ask for flowers that are in season, rather than those that are not.  Re-use the ceremony arrangements, and bouquets at the reception, around the cake, etc..  More brides are asking for special holders to be placed on the head table, that will provide a holding place for the bride's bouquet, as well as the bridesmaid bouquets.  Mixed with a little greenery, these bouquets although used all day long make for a beautiful head table display.

8.) Short Term Bookings, May Prove To Be Saving.
Sometimes if a vendor has an open date, and the date is quickly approaching, you may find a great opportunity to negotiate pricing with them.  Keep in mind however that most popular vendors will be fully booked far in advance for the popular wedding months, but it's worth making a few phone calls to see if you can book or reserve a last minute service.  To wedding vendors, an open or unfilled date is lost money, therefore they may be eager to fill that date with your business, even if they have to throw a cherry on top, or two, or three.  Remember to be kind, and gracious to your vendors, and consider including them on your guest list at the reception as a thank you for their hard, long day's work.

9.)  Keep your guest list small, and controlled.
Your guest list will prove to be the most costly aspect of your wedding.  After all, you do have to feed every single one of them.  Simply eliminating joe that you used to work with ten years ago, plus a few other acquaintances will save you a few hundred dollars alone.

10.) The Wedding Dress!
Sssshhhh! Next time you go into a gown shop, ask to see gowns that have been worn by their models in recent fashion shows.  Gown shops are often willing to sell these gowns at discounted rates due to the fact that they've been worn, and used in a public place.  This includes mother of the bride dresses too!

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