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Bridal Beauty 101

By:  Charish Hoover - owner

Your wedding day makeup can either make you look older (especially in photos), or younger. 
It's important to start your beauty preparations far in advance to your special day.

Here Are Some Helpful Tips You Can Put Into Action Now, To Benefit From On Your Wedding Day,
And Everyday!

If you have facial fine lines and wrinkles, Choose a quality (more expensive) facial foundation.  There are so many brands such as Mac, Avon, Cover Girl, etc., but each carries lines that aid in diminishing fine lines, and refer to age defying qualities.  It's worth trying some of these out for your wedding day look.  Some are really good.  My personal favorite is CoverGirl Advanced Radiance.  I've received a few compliments when I where this (I'm 37). 
For Oil Control, & A More Silky Smooth Finish - Add a more perfect appearance to your face using loose translucent powders like CornSilk.(Minimizes the appearance of pores, doesn't build up in fine lines).

Avoid makeup entirely and some grooming of the face for your wedding day.

Some brides don't like makeup, or wear it on an every day basis.  Let's face it some of you don't need it, however when it comes to
wedding pictures, do not go without any makeup, or facial grooming at all.

Whether or not you will be using a professional makeup artist, below are some things to consider.
What should you consider?

When it comes to wedding photos, many brides don't realize that no eye makeup at all can mean naked looking eyes (in a non-flattering way) in photos.  If you don't like eye liner, consider applying just a light line to the top lid only, and consider some artificial lashes that add POW to your eyes.  Older brides who have under eye lines should take this route especially by adding liner and mascara, or artificial lashes only the top lids.  By doing this, you draw attention upward away from beneath your eyes, where you don't want people looking, thus adding a more youthful, wide eyed appeal.  Think Bambi!

Again, when it comes to your wedding pictures, no lipstick or lip color
will look drab in your wedding day photos.  Again, if you don't like makeup, consider lining your lips at a minimum with a light shade lip liner, smudge the ends with your fingers, and extend the shade to fill in the rest of your lips (to avoid the traced look), and then add some shiny lip gloss to give your lips a fuller look.

Bushy eyebrows are a distraction, and a beauty no no.
Brook Shields got away with it, but that was quite some time ago.  Consider having your brows professionally tweezed before your wedding day if you are afraid to do this yourself.  The proper arching can make you look more refreshed, happy, and younger.

Wear Sunscreen daily on your face and exposed areas of your body.  SPF 15 or more.
If you must have a golden tan on your wedding day, consider using a tanning lotion that darkens your skin tone.  These artificial tanning lotions are much better today than they used to be and provide a very natural, believable looking tan.  With the effects of the sun on skin (aging), skin cancer etc. being more in the spotlight than ever today, it's worth finding healthy alternatives to the old fashioned sun bathing. 
Some Day Spas offer airbrush tanning, and this is a healthy, great looking alternative to lying in the sun.
Exfoliate your face and body at least one time each week.  More often for oily skin.
If you don't do this, or don't know what it is, it's time to learn.  There are many great exfoliating products available at department stores, drug stores, and places like Target, or Wal-Mart. 
Exfoliating your skin is the process of using a mild abrasive lotion or sponge on the face and body to rub off, or eliminate dry, dead skin cells, thus revealing newer, fresher skin cells.
The process if done regularly, can revive dull looking skin, and add a more youthful, healthy look to the skin and body. 
Exfoliation can also extend the life of any tan. One product I like personally can be found at Target stores, by St. Ives Swiss Formula Apricot Scrub (Invigorating).  Once you try this scrub, you'll love it, and the way it makes your skin feel.  Another great product for faces in addition to the above mentioned product it Noxzema face cream.  Rub it on your face in the shower, or over the sink, and gently brush your face with a soft bristle tooth brush (using circular motion).  This can be done gently under the eyes, nose, and the rest of the face where it may be difficult to use the scrub.  Your face will feel refreshed.

IMPORTANT: It's always important to test any product or method on your skin before using it full-force.  Always use sun screen after exfoliating as fresh delicate skin will be vulnerable to the sun, and expect a slight pink hue to your skin after exfoliating as well.  If irritation begins, stop all treatments, or adjust the method and product.  Use any method with discretion and at your own risk.
Starve yourself, or crash diet before your wedding day. It is a proven fact (ask any wedding consultant), that crash dieting, starvation diets leads only to fatigued, cranky brides that often faint or feel faint on their wedding day.  Crash dieting also leads to the individual often regaining the lost weight, and then some after the wedding day is over.
Instead Try The Following: 

1.  Drink plenty of icy cold water daily. 
Studies have shown that for every 8 oz. glass of icy cold water you drink the body burns 25 calories extra.  Drink 4 glasses spread out throughout the day, and burn an extra 100 calories!   Don't like water you say?  Try substituting a glass or two with some Crystal Light (5 calories per glass).  It's better than not drinking any ice cold fluids.

2.  Get plenty of sleep each night 8 hours minimum. Recent studies show that people who lack adequate sleep each night have a decrease in the hormone called Leptin.  Leptin lets the body know when it is full and should stop eating, therefore with sleep deprivation being a problem, an individual is more likely to be have more aggressive cravings, and a more insatiable appetite.
Also, Scientists suspect that sleep deprivation lowers person's basal metabolic rate which is the number of calories you burn when you rest.
To learn more about LEPTIN, and leptin weight loss - CLICK HERE