Royal Prestige Cookware
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Royal Prestige Cookware - 5-Ply Health Systems
The Royal Prestige 5-ply cookware is constructed of three layers of aluminum surrounded by T304 surgical stainless steel. These five plies are bonded together to create cookware that retains heat and evenly distributes it along the sides and bottom of the pan. The pans are beautiful, durable, easy-to-clean, and will last you a lifetime. 
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Royal Prestige Cookware - 7-Ply Health Systems
The Royal Prestige 7-ply Select cookware has the ability to conduct heat evenly and gently. This is accomplished by the ThermaFloT Disc, which is made up of two plies of silver alloy, one ply of copper and one ply of stainless steel. The Disc is permanently bonded to the bottom of each utensil, providing you with a lifetime of healthy cooking. 
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Royal Prestige Cookware - 9-Ply Health Systems
The innovative 9-ply Thermal Deluxe cookware incorporates a wall of air within the stainless steel sides of the cookware. This wall functions as insulation, which prevents heat loss during and after cooking. The technique used in creating this thermal wall is exclusive to Royal Prestige. Only the Thermal Deluxe Health System features nine plies that flow up into the sides of the cookware, followed by a thermal wall. 
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