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Anna's Vintage Designs fine vintage Victorian porcelain jewelry ~ painted by hand so each piece is as unique and beautiful as you are!
"Featured in InStyle and YM Magazine"
Vintage Jewelry is the perfect compliment for your vintage wedding dress, or any modern
wedding dress.  Either way, your guests will be amazed at the beauty of your fine vintage jewelry.
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Vintage is In!

The June 2003 edtion of InStyle magazine highlights the resurgence of vintage fashion, noting, "Wearing vintage clothing seems to help make it easy to be polite, graceful and flirtatious. Luckily, there are plenty of chic vintage-inspired offerings this season . . ." Elle magazine agrees that vintage is not only "In," but accessible and affordable, "for those not lucky enough to inherit moms 60s-style cloissone pendants." As summer draws near, vintage fashion continues to gain momentum. Vogue magazine has deemed vintage "Past Perfect," and Harpers Bazaar recently featured a six-page spread dedicated to the cult of vintage fashion. Why is the fashion world in love with vintage? Fashion writer Laird Borelli muses, "Sometimes the quest for the new leads to the past . . . good design withstands the test of time." The unique nature of vintage also enables women to express their individuality and soul, which is, of course, a timeless element of good fashion. Vogue writer Alexandra Kotur comments, ". . . women are making their own statements by showing up at evening events in one-of-a-kind vintage pieces." Celebrity endorsements at highly visible events have certainly helped to fuel the surge in vintage fashion. Julia Roberts wore vintage Valentino as she accepted her Oscar and Jennifer Aniston wore vintage Christian Dior as she accepted her Emmy. Renee Zellweger is also known for wearing stunning vintage gowns, complemented with beautiful vintage jewelry and handbags. Such vintage fashion is not restricted to celebrities, however. Vintage jewelry is an extremely popular accessory, due to its affordability and ability to add vintage flair to any ensemble. The June 2003 edition of InStyle features Anna's Designs, a New York-based online jewelry retailer, as one of its "chic frugal finds" for vintage jewelry. Hot fashions in vintage jewelry include Victorian-inspired designs, elaborate filigree, and painted enamel, which is as durable as it is beautiful. Vintage is a style for the ages: it is glamorous, expressive, and unique, while remaining inexpensive and accessible.

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