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When it comes to finding the right size for your wedding dress, it is important to remember that different designers often have different size charts.  We will try to post the designer's size measurment suggestions in the details for each dress we sell.  You however should measure yourself for bust, waist, and hip size according to the guide image on the left.  Do this in inches.

Bra size is not your bust measurement. You must measure all the way around your bust at your fullest section (see chart at left).

Waist measurement is usually done just below the rib cage, but above the naval.

Hip measurement should be done all the way around the fullest section of your hips.  Usually at pelvic level (see chart image guide at left).

Body Styles Below   - and their recommendation.

Petite (5'3 and under)

You should consider either a
Column-like sheath or A-line dress.  Also consider strapless, or off the shoulder with straps that cover only the sides of the arms.  Avoid poofy ball-gowns.              
How/where To Measure Yourself Below
Full busted (large chested)
Consider wearing an
off the shoulder style (not sleeveless) as this may be overpowering.  Off the shoulder allows for added support, while at the same time accentuating your curves.  The off the shoulder also allows for your shoulders to be shown, while still covering your upper arm.  Many naturally large chested women, often have arms that they would rather cover then show fully as with a sleevless dress would do.  A full-skirt may help to balance everything out.

Straight Shaped (your shoulders, and hips are the same width), and your waist is very straight as well.
If you desire curves, then consider an
empire-waist gowns and ball gown with a basque waist.  Stay away from Sheaths and dropped waists.

Broad Shoulders
Consider a
halter top which features straps that wrap around the neck.  Avoid trying to hide your shoulders.  This can often have the opposite affect.  Rather choose styles that draw attention to other features.  A long off the shoulder dress (not sleeveless) may work well for you also.

Pear Shaped
You should consider a strapless, or off the shoulder ball gown, that will cover your lower half, and draw attention upward to create some balance.  Avoid sheath dresses, and V-shaped necklines.

Slim - skinny figure
Consider a
ball gown style.  A gown with a very low back will also look good. 
Avoid:  Off-the-shoulder, or Halter top features.  If you're flat-chested, avoid a darted bodice made of stiff fabric.

Avoid low wasted styles.  Avoid sleeveless dresses, but you may be able to wear an
off-the-shoulder style.  An empire waste (where the waste hem is just below the bust) will be very flattering and slimming on many with a full-figure.  Some dresses have sheer see-through long sleeves that are very flattering, yet cool enough for the warmer months.

Click Here for an online dress designing game to see different style types.
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Designer wedding dress, Designer bridal gown
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