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Article By: Charish Hoover
Wedding Ideas: Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

Wedding Ideas:  Make Your Wedding Day Memorable


Every bride wants her wedding to stand out.  Every bride wants her guests to be impressed.  Here are some helpful tips.

Try adding a spray of your favorite perfume to your invitations.

Include glitter, or tiny flower petals in your invitations so that when your guest open them they'll get a pretty suprise.

Have real rose petals glued to your veil.  The guests will oooh and aaaah at this.

Have an acoustic guitarist play your wedding march and walk in down the isle behind you during your entrance.  make sure there's a good distance between you and them of course so as to not take the spotlight off of you and your escort (father,brother,etc.)

After the ceremony ride away in a horse and carriage (depending on the time of year you're getting married of course), rather than a limo.  This is not done often enough.  Guests usually don't expect it and are delighted when they see it.

Before you ride away in your limo or carriage release a couple of doves as a symbol of your new union.  Some couples release butterflies.

At your reception have entertainment for your guests during the dinner - for example - show a picture montage video of your family, you and your new husband (engagement photos) and friends.  Or- you could hire a dance company to put on a show.  Perhaps Irish tap dancers, or have a Mariachi band with dancers.  Your guests will love it!