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by:  Charish A. Hoover
Wedding Planning Ideas & Tips

Wedding Planning Ideas & Advice


Setting Up Your Unity Candle:


Before the ceremony begins, place the unity candle on a small table near the
altar. To prepare for the ceremony, it is a good idea to light the wicks for a
moment. This will make lighting them during the ceremony much easier.


Should you tip any of your wedding vendors?

The general response in most cases is no -- tipping is not required. Unless a wedding vendor
goes "above and beyond" what was expected of them, then there is no need to tip unless you wish to.

An example where tipping would be appropriate would be if the reception time ran
longer and your DJ or band played longer than they were contracted for. You may also have to pay over-time. Caterers usually include a tip or gratuity in their fees.
In this case it is expected and common.


Wedding Dress Preservation:

If you want to keep your dress looking like new, the first step is to clean it well. Here's how: 

  • Have your dress dry-cleaned a few days after the wedding. The sooner you do so, the easier it will be to remove stains. 
  • Even if you don't see any stains, have your dress cleaned. Body oils, clear sodas, and white icing might not leave a trace at first, but stains may develop over time. 

Here are some links to great candle based "Center Piece" ideas.   Go to,  , and   , and ,  , and also, YOU'LL LOVE THIS ONE,

Candles Are Inn!:
More brides are using large amounts of various heights and sizes of candles to light their "indoor ceremony" or "late outdoor ceremony".   Whether their ceremony be indoors or late outdoors at a residence, church, or other facility, brides are going with the romantic-spiritual, glow of candle lighting.  Try buying a candles of various heights and widths, and placing them closely together if necesarry in glass tubes or vases, or even wine glasses to hold them.  Some may not need any holder if they are wide enough to stand on their own.  Consider it a "monestary look" Here's an example   Try creating such a display on at least three differant tables or alters covered with a white table cloth in front of the room where your ceremony will take place.  It would be a good idea to include candles on the sides of the isle as well either on the floor, or on the pews of the church.  This setting will give your wedding ceremony a whole new romantic, and spiritual glow that will soothe and warm the hearts of your guests.  NOTE:  Be sure to notify your professional wedding photographer, and/or wedding videographer of the lighting situation.  They must be prepared for the possible low lighting situation at hand.   Most professional photographers/videographers do not use flash or extra lighting during a wedding ceremony.  There must be enough natural lighting (available lighting) to suffice.   Be sure to check with the church coordinator for regulations if you are getting married in a church.  Some churches are very strict on candle usage due to the wax spill possibility on their floors.  Always respect the rules of your chosen facility. 

Relax -- Get a Massage!

Think about treating yourself to a massage the day before or the morning of your
wedding. It will really help you to reduce stress, relax, and look even more
radiant on your wedding day!

Good Idea - Bring Snacks!
If you are taking pictures before the ceremony, bring along some snacks like
grapes, cheese and crackers (nothing that could stain!) and bottled water.
Posing for pictures can be tiresome and a snack can really help to "pick you up"
before the ceremony.

How Many Ushers Do You Need?
The rule of thumb is that there should be one usher for every 50 guests. The
average wedding party for a formal or semi-formal wedding is four to six
bridesmaids and ushers. Also, keep in mind that you don't need as many
bridesmaids as ushers.


  1. Choose a dress with a fitted bodice and a full, flowing skirt. 
  2. Choose a dress with a drop waistline (drops to a v-shape in the front). This will make your waist look smaller. 
  3. As for the neckline choose a v-shaped neckline or one that is off the shoulders. This makes you look taller and creates a slimmer look. Stay away from a high neckline, as it will draw attention and accentuate the chest. 
  4. Choose a fitted or tapered sleeve, usually a full or three quarter length sleeve is the best. Avoid sleeveless and those big, puffy sleeves. 
  5. Make sure your dress fits properly. When you go for your fittings, be sure that the bodice fits snuggly but not too tight. An improperly fitted gown can add "pounds" to any size bride. Be sure you can sit and move your arms comfortably. 
  6. Select "figure trimming" undergarments. Corsets have actually made a big comeback. They are now comfortable, sexy and can trim quite a few inches off your waistline. 
  7. Keep good posture. Stand up straight. Tuck your stomach in and keep your shoulders back. 
  8. Choose a dress that has a waistline that falls directly under the chest (aka and "Empire waist) , and from that point has a fairly straight skirt to the floor.   Links to examples are as follows:  ,  link to example of "Empire waist gown"  see below: 
  9. Empire Waist:     if this link is not clickable, simply copy and past the url into your browser, and click "Go".     CHECK OUT THIS BEAUTIFUL "African Style" wedding dress I found on the web (See below)
  10.    Again if the link is not clickable, simply copy and past it into your browser.   Here's a link to a "Midieval Style Gown"   
  11. You will absolutely LOVE browsing this site, and you can actually order their styles online.  Go to,                                                          

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