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Fresno Wedding Planning in 2007

2007 weddings are going to be a little different.


Here's a list of some things to expect a lot more of at weddings in 2007.

1. Photojournalism:

2007 couples are going to lean more toward this style of footage when it comes to choosing their wedding photographer. Couples today are older, and more educated by the time they decide to get married than a few years back, and they simply want more from their wedding vendors than what couples may have settled for a few years ago. Couples want to feel, taste, and savor their wedding day like never before, and they want their wedding photographs to capture feelings, emotions, and real moments that will allow them to feel something each time they look at their photographed memories year after year. While traditional style wedding photography still and always will have its place and value, we will see more couples desiring less traditional style, and more natural moments captured on camera in 2007 and in years to come.

2. Cinematography style wedding videos

In 2007 couples are learning that professional wedding videos are a must, however couples will be leaning more toward the style that is referred to as cinematography - the photojournalism of video if you will. Here's an excellent example from a company in Southern CA,

3. Wedding hats for the ladies

No kidding, ladies will be wearing stylish lady hats to accent their updos. More brides will wear a white hat, and accent their bridal party ladies with colored hats to accent their dresses -

4. Parasols

Outdoor weddings will never go out of style, but parasols have in the past. Guess what? They're back in 2007 - check this site out and

5. Colorful flower combinations:

Brides are going to cross the safety zones of color and will be trying new and daring color combinations.   See examples at: 

6. Chocolate Wedding Cakes

2007 couples realize that they do not have to conform to the norm when it comes to wedding cakes. In 2007, chocolate will not only be "IN", but it will be wild and sinfully delicious in the form of a wedding cake any wedding cake. Whether it's chocolate fondant or traditional frosting, couples are going to experiment with the endless options in the flavor of love, which also happens to be CHOCOLATE!

Expect to see many out of the box weddings in 2007!

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