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The New Face Of Bridal Wear
There's a new trend brewing in the world of bridal wear, and true to its own subtle style, it's making small waves and catching one bride at a time.  The trend is cotton wedding dresses in a variety of fabrics ranging from pique' dotted Swiss, and, , , Read Full Article

Bride's Should Schedule Time To Relax & Rejuvenate

Description: Typical brides-to-be are juggling a myriad of details in the months before the wedding.  The catering, the flowers, the guest list -- All that planning can take its toll on even the most organized bride.  Read More

Wedding Gifts:  How to thank your bridesmaids
Over the next 5 years, as baby boomers' children reach the marrying age the number of weddings is expected to increase rapidly which means not only more brides, but more bridesmaids.    Read Article

Destination Weddings:  Are They For You?
By Paris Permenter and John Bigley  -  Read Article

Honeymoon Trends
Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico?  Read Article

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Everything you need to know about weddings, from hiring the wedding photographer, wedding reception planning, hiring a caterer, find a banquet hall, florist, wedding cake and more.  Easy Planning.
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