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Bride's Should Schedule Time To Relax & Rejuvenate
Typical brides-to-be are juggling a myriad of details in the months before the wedding.  The catering, the flowers, the guest list -- All that planning can take its toll on even the most organized bride. 
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Tips To Relieve The Stress And Tension Of Your Wedding Day: If you haven't procrastinated on things (even tiny details), you'll definitely have less stress on your wedding day.  When it comes to being prepared, it gets more personal than just details, details, details.  You have to remember to take care of yourself before anything else if you want to enjoy your long waited for event. 
Tip#1 Eat breakfast the morning of your wedding day.  8 out of every 10 brides don't eat breakfast.  This is just asking for a headache, and added nervousness or irritability.  Another statistic is approximately 7 out of every 10 brides crash diet or starve prior to their wedding date.  Do yourself a favor and take care of yourself.  Love yourself the way you are, and the way you were when your fiance' asked you to marry him.  Try eating in small portions spaced out throughout the day approx. one small snack/meal every 2 to 3 hours to avoid upset stomach.  This is actually a better way to lose weight rather than crash dieting, or starvation diets that only result in returned weight gain, (often returning lost weight, plus a little extra).  Crash dieting also slows your metabolism, and lowers your energy level.  Drink plenty of ice water the day before your wedding, and on your wedding day.  Have bottled water readily available on your wedding day, for everyone, expecially yourself.  Avoid all dairy products, milk, cheeses, yogurt etc. the week before and on your wedding day to avoid bloating.
Tip#2  Get Plenty Of Rest - Most brides have difficulty sleeping the night before the wedding day.  Consider taking an over the counter sleep aid the night before. (as with any medication check the drug interaction precautions first, and health warnings on the label).  Avoid alcohol consumption in conjunction with such medications.  FACT:  Contrary to common belief, alcohol does not help you sleep better, it actually interferes with steady sleep patterns.  Sleep deprivation the day before, not only makes for a tired bride, but a cranky bride as well.  Cranky brides can make the wedding day a "not so wonderful, happy day" for everyone else involved.  Without enough sleep, you're more likely to cry over the tiniest things, argue with your close family members, and make your wedding vendors miserable (even if they're doing a great job).  Probably the most sad part is that you won't be able to enjoy the day you've worked so hard at making happen, and have waited so long for.  If you keep these things in mind, you should have a wonderful day, and if anything goes even slightly wrong on your wedding day, (for example, your wedding cake starts melting at your outdoor wedding in the 104 degree weather), you'll be able to deal with such things with a "fix it, and brush it off the shoulder" attitude.  Everyone will love you more for it, and enjoy the day more than you can imagine.  Take care of yourself, and don't put off planning details until the last minute, and the rest will follow. 
Tip#3  Don't try to do everything yourself. When a relative or close friend offers to help, don't wait too long to say yes. 
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