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7 Principles of Decorating

Ready for a room redo? Use these pointers as a guide.

Balance Is Everything. Use a mix of light and dark, big and small, patterned and plan for decorative harmony.
Shop at Home. Gather up the things that you love now in your home and use them to create a favorite new space.

Do a Quick Change. If the prospect of redoing a room seems overwhelming, start with a quick project. Success on a small scale like this will give you the confidence to tackle larger projects.
Emphasize the Smart Choices. If you use a dramatic color, use texture and interesting furniture arrangements to make the room's decor equal to its color.

Correct for Color. Neutral walls and window coverings may be a room's downfall. Warm up your space with a fresh soft wall color and dramatic window treatments.

Details Make the Difference. Create a comfortable space using hand-me-downs and stray pieces from other rooms.
Make It Your Own. Whatever you do, create a look that reflects your style and taste. From redoing a small entryway like this to moving every piece of furniture in a house, make sure you're creating something personal and comfortable for you. And when you're tired of a look, change it again!
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