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Save money with the following helpful advice for your wedding and reception planning.  Central California Wedding. Save money on wine, alcohol etc. for your wedding reception.
Money Saving Quick Tips - For planning a wedding
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We know it's not only time consuming to plan a wedding, but it's also very expensive.  Below are some helpful tips to cut some of the costs.
1.  To save money on the alcohol bill, try having your waiters walk around and offer your guests their choice of wine, rather than leaving open bottles of wine at every table.  Leaving open bottles of wine on every table, may save time, but often results in a lot of wasted wine that you still have to pay for.  You can also have wine served in carafes rather than bottles.  This way you can buy the much larger bottles which are less expensive than the table size bottles.  Let your guests pay for heavier alcoholic drinks themselves via an available bar. 
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2.  When it comes to the bridal gown shops in your area, pick one and stick with that same bridal shop. You may find that some if not many bridal gown shops, as well as tuxedo shops offer discounts or rewards if you use their services to dress your entire party.  When you go to a shop to check them out, ask them if they offer any discounts in such a case, or ask them if they have a special "rewards and discounts program".  This will also save you the time and trouble of shopping around.  Do make sure you're comfortable with that business first, and that you've checked references prior to committing yourself to any one bridal gown shop, or tuxedo shop. 
3.  Hire two limos instead of one. This may sound silly, but many couples find out the hard way that hiring just one limo for the entire day, can often run into more mony than simply hiring two.  If you hire a limo company simply to pick you up and drop you off prior to the ceremony, let them leave, and pay for another limo to come back and pick you up after the ceremony and take you to the reception, you don't have to pay for the waiting period in between.  You can save a lot of money simply by not paying for a limo to sit and wait for your ceremony to be over, (especially if it's a Catholic Mass).
4.  Consider making some of your decorations yourself. Check your local party supply, and ask a clerk for ideas and tips.  You'll be amazed at how much money you will save, and you just might find it a fun thing to do.  Have a special day set aside when you, your relatives, and friends can get together and make center pieces, party favors, etc.  Using candy as part of wedding favors is always a treat for your guests, and if you buy candy in bulk you'll save money.
5.  When it comes to flowers, you really do want to go with a reputable florist in your area, however you may want to ask your florist about going with real flowers on the  arrangements that are most important to you, and consider going with silk on the arrangements that guests will only see from far away.  Ask your florist about rentals.  Most guests will only look and not touch.  In my experience  in the wedding business, silk is getting better in quality, and is very hard to distinguish even at a close distance.  Remember appearance is what matters most, and I've been to some beautifully decorated weddings that were mostly silk, and the guests commented only on the wonderful appearance of the decor, and usually they did not attempt to touch or smell.  In some cases two couples getting married in the same location (one after the other) can share the costs of the floral baskets, isle flowers, etc., and save money.  Many catholic churches do several ceremonies in a day (back to back), and this may be one case in which shared floral arrangement costs may work out perfectly.  Speak to the people in charge at your ceremony location and ask them to help you contact other couples using their facility to discuss this possibility of sharing floral decor and costs for back to back weddings.
6.  When it comes to the location of your ceremony and/or reception, pick a location, church, hall, garden etc. that has beautiful architecture, or greenery already.  This will save you the need of doing much decorating.  If your wedding location of choice is already beautiful, then you've got little decorating to do.
7.  Get an accurate guest count for your reception. Although it is not possible to know exactly how many will show, getting very close to that number can save you on your catering bill. Here's how: Take the total number of people you have invited and multiply that number by .66 and multiply that number by 1.15. Example: 300 invited x .66 = 198 x 1.15 = 228 people expected. This formula has a 90% accuracy rate.
8.  The date you choose can come with a price tag. Prime dates usually in the early spring, and summer months and always on a Saturday come at a more hefty price with most vendors.  If you've got your sights set on a particular wedding vendor for your wedding day, always check their availabiltiy for your date first.  Prime dates (usually Saturdays) fill up quite fast with vendors who are in demand.  If you put off hiring the vendor of your choice too long, it's a good possibility you'll not be able to hire them for your date.  You can always meet with a professional and ask him or her if they have special rates for "off days" meaning any day of the week other than Sat.   They may or may not, but it is quite common for wedding vendors to have different rates for days other than Sat.  Of course there are pros and cons, but if you're not planning a large  wedding (over 150 guests) this could work out quite well for you. 
9.  Don't get carried away with your guest list. Keep it limited to close relatives and friends.  To avoid unexpected guests, be sure to make it clear in your invitations that seating is limited to names listed.  If you want an adult only wedding (no children are going to be there), don't feel apologetic for making that clear in your invitations either.  Your true friends and caring family will make other arrangements for their children, and will refrain from extending extra invitations themselves. 
10.  Consider making your own invitations, and if you don't have the time to do so, consider ordering your invitations online.  There are several reliable online wedding invitation businesses.  Be sure no matter where you decide to go to get your invitations that you check, re-check, and triple check your wording, date, addresses etc.  It's quite common for a bride to go alone and order her invitations, and although she may check her wording, and spelling, she may have too much on her mind and simply overlook something minor.  It's a good idea to have a second, or even third person go over the wording, dates, times, addresses etc. 
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