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Brides Should Schedule Time to Relax and Rejuvenate

Brides Should Schedule Time to Relax and Rejuvenate

(ARA) - Typical brides-to-be are juggling a myriad of details in the months before the wedding. The catering, the flowers, the guest list -- all that planning can take its toll on even the most organized woman.

Brides want to look their best on the big day, so itís important to take some time out beforehand to relax and rejuvenate. Here are some easy pre-wedding tips from the wellness experts at HoMedics to help brides-to-be feel relaxed and beautiful for the big event.

* Plan ahead with your hair stylist. A month before the wedding, meet with your stylist to discuss color and styling ideas. Bring a picture of your dress, your wedding headpiece and some pictures of cuts you like. This way you will avoid the stress of last minute decisions about your hair.

* Allow yourself an afternoon nap. You may think you have too many things to do, but youíll have a lot more energy and feel better if you take some time for yourself and catch up on your sleep.

* Hold a pajama party. Pamper yourself and your bridesmaids with a day of beauty at your house, and avoid the expense and inconvenience of a spa. There are a number of at-home beauty treatments available, including manicure and pedicure systems that offer professional-quality tools. There is a range of StyleSpa portable manicure kits from HoMedics that come with everything needed to create a well-groomed look, including shaping files and polishing tools. The portable SoleMate pedicure kit allows you to treat your feet with a buffer and nail-shaping tools, making feet sandal- and honeymoon-ready.

Everyone at the pajama party will want to try the Facial Sauna Facial Steamer & Inhaler to refresh their skin. A gentle steam mist opens pores and cleanses away impurities to deep clean and soften the complexion.

* Turn your bathroom into a relaxing getaway. Aromatherapy candles, bath salts and soothing foot lotion will help create a bath that takes the stress away. Transform your bathtub with HoMedics Bubble Spa massaging bath mat. This comfortable, air-filled mat fills your tub with soothing, massaging bubbles that can be adjusted from gentle to invigorating. Or try the Jet Spa, which turns any standard bathtub into a whirlpool bath with powerful water jets that ease and relax muscles.

Other fun at-home spa treatments include paraffin baths for your hands, feet and elbows. Dip them into the soothing, warm wax for a wonderfully hydrating treatment. Or, how about a massage to melt away those pre-wedding stressors? The Therapist Select Deluxe programmable percussion massager adds heat to increase the therapeutic effect and allows the user to soothe away tension and relax tired muscles.

* Give your bridal party a gift they will really appreciate. Create a gift basket for each member filled with pampering items like hand lotion, aromatherapy candles, bath salts, relaxing CDs and chocolate. The gift will serve as a good reminder to take time for themselves.

With the bride and the wedding party all taking time to pamper themselves, youíll all look refreshed, relaxed and ready for the big day.

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