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Bridal Gifts: How to Thank Your Bridesmaids

(ARA) - Over the next five years, as Baby Boomers’ children reach the marrying age, the number of weddings is expected to increase rapidly, which means not only more brides, but more bridesmaids.

A new nationwide survey conducted by Lenox, The Gift Company reveals that 60 percent of American women have been a bridesmaid at least once. And whether surviving disastrous dresses, dyed-to-match shoes, or diva brides, the survey found that an overwhelming majority of women regarded it as a positive experience.

One respondent rated her experience positively, even though at the end of the night, “The bride handed me the keys to the utility closet and said, ‘Didn't I tell you all? You have to clean up.’”

“Being a bridesmaid is a rite of passage, and one of the most important things a woman can do for a friend,” says Denise Dinyon, a bridal industry veteran who travels the country as the entertaining and etiquette expert for Lenox. To make the most of the occasion, Dinyon advises bridesmaids be organized and understand their responsibilities leading up to the big day to ensure the experience is more fun than frantic.

Conversely, brides should remember their friends have volunteered their time and resources and should thank them accordingly with thoughtful, personalized gifts. “Barware is a really hot gift right now. Give her a set of colorful crystal wine or martini glasses, such as Lenox offers in its Tuscany Seasons collection, with a bottle of her favorite wine or spirit,” suggests Dinyon. “Or for her bedside table, an Amoré crystal gift set from Gorham of matching picture frame, vase and jewelry holder can be easily customized with a photo of the two of you, her favorite flowers, and small gemstone earrings to match her bridesmaid dress.”

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